मुख्य पृष्ठ
क्या है राज सैनिक
विभागीय सूचनाएं
योजनायें एक नजर में
फॉर्म्स डाउनलोड
सैनिक विश्रामगृह
ईसीएचएस पॉलीक्लिनिक
केंटीन सुविधा
टेलीफोन निर्देशिका
सैनिकों का कौना

विभाग से सम्बन्धित अन्य वेबसाइट
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जिला सैनिक कल्याण अधिकारी के पद हेतु विज्ञापन एवं आवेदन प्रपत्र

युद्ध विधवा छात्रावास में प्रवेश हेतु आवेदन पत्र एवं शपथ पत्र

सूचना का अधिकार प्रपत्र



1. Retired Armed Forces Pensioners so far did not have a comprehensive medicare scheme, as compared to and available to other Central Government Employees. Interim treatment of minor natural (garden diseases) was provided at service hospitals and MI Rooms, but often these hospitals got overloaded. To provide some relief, AGI (MBS) was introduced in Apr 91 and AFGIS (MIS) in 1995; however, they covered only specific high cost Surgery/treatment for a limited number of diseases. Therefore, the requirement of a medicare system was felt essential for our brave soldiers.

2. Based on this noble aim, and after detailed deliberations, a comprehensive scheme has taken shape as the Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS), authorized vide Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No.22 (I) 01/US/D (Res) dated 30 Dec 2002 with the advent of this scheme, Ex-Servicemen pensioners who were Only entitled for treatment in service hospital will now be authorized for treatment, not only in service hospitals, but also n those civil/private hospitals which are specifically empanelled with the Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme.

3. ECHS is a comprehensive medical care scheme covering all diseases including cardiac, renal, joint replacement, cancer and many others. It provides benefits to the complete spectrum of ESM pensioners settled in far-flung areas of the country, through a network of 227 polyclinic (104 in Military Stations and 123 in Non Military Stations). This will, in turn, reduce the load on Military Hospital, since the exclusive polyclinic facility will be located in nominated districts and closer to Ex-Servicemen pensioners.

4. An important aspect of ECHS is that, it not only covers the ESM pensioner, but also family pensioners & widows who are in receipt of pension – thereby ensuring their medical care, even in absence of the pensioner. The chapter on “Eligibility” lays down who all are eligible to join the Scheme. The twin conditions are that, prospective member must be an Ex-Servicemen who has served in the Armed Forces of India in any rank, and be in receipt of pension/family pension/disability pension paid by Government. The intended purpose is to provide succour to pensioners, their wives, and widows & authorized dependants & bring ECHS in line with medical schemes applicable to Center Government employees of other categories. Correct adherence to laid down procedures will ensure that the system is not misused or overloaded.


5. Entitlement for ECHS. The Scheme caters for medicare to all ESM in receipt of pension or disability pension, as also his/her dependants, which includes wife/husband, legitimate children and wholly dependant parents. The Defintion of ESM for the purpose of ECHS is: -

(a) Ex-Servicemen Status. Any person who has served in any rank (whether as Combatant or as Non-Combatant) in the regular Army, Navy and Air Force of the Indian Union, and fulfills the following conditions: -
(i) Who has retired form such service after earning his/her pension

(ii) Who has been released from such service, on medical grounds attributable to military service, or in circumstances beyond his/her control, and is in receipt of disability pensions.

(iii) It includes personnel of the Territorial Army of the following categories: -
(aa) Pension holders for continuous embodied service.

(ab) Persons with disability attributable to military service.

(ac) Gallantry award winners.

(iv) The following are also included: -
(aa) Members of the military Nursing Service (MNS).

(ab) Whole time officers (WTOs) of National Cadet Corps (NCC) who are Ex-Servicemen/NOK, and are in receipt of pension/disability pension/family pension.

(ac) 558 Emergency Commissioned Officers (ECOs) Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs) who were permanently absorbed in National Cadet Corps as Whole Time Officers (WTOs) after their release form the Armed Forces. Since these officers meet the twin conditions described at para4 if Chapter 1, they are eligible.

(ad) Service officers who, prior to completing their pensionable service, joined PSUs like Air India, Indian Airlines, Pawan Hans, and Shipping Corporation of India, in organizational interest, and Govt had sanctioned pension to these officers on apro-rata-bass. On secondment or transfer to PSU these officers received their pension either as lumpsum on full communication, or on monthly basis. For those who commuted full amount, the monthly pension was to be restored at 43% after 15 year form their date of retirement on pro-rata basis. Hence they would be deemed to comply with the condition of being in receipt of pension from Defence authorities. However, following additional conditions will have to be complied with by these ESM pensioners: -
 (aaa) A mandatory certificate will have to be endorsed in their Affidavit stating that, “I certify that I am NOT a member of any other Govt/PSU Medical Health Scheme

(aab) The contribution amount for enrolling as member of ECHS will be based on the rank held by the individual at the time of release and NOT on the restored pension amount. The amount will be similar to the current basic pension of the rank held at the time of retirement. (For example if the individual retired as a Lt Col/Commander/Wing Commander, he will be required to deposit contribution through MRO as per current Basic pension of this rank)

(aac) Each case will be considered on its merits.

(a) Family Pension. Implies the legally wedded spouse of an Armed Forces personnel, whose name figures in the service records of the personal and whose husband/wife (as the case may be) has died either while in service or after retirement and granted family pension. This term also includes a child or children drawing family pension on the death of his/her pension drawing father/mother, as also parents of a deceased bachelor soldier, who are in receipt of family pension.

6. Eligibility Status for Dependants. The following categories qualify to be called dependants: -

(a) Parents. Father and Mother of the pensioner shall be deemed to be dependant if they are normally residing with the ESM pension and their combined income from all sources is less than Rs.1500/- per month.

(b) Spouse.

(i) Legally wedded Spouse.

(ii) Name should be in the records of service.

(iii) Legally separated spouse is included as long as the ESM pensioner is responsible for her maintenance. In case spouse remarries, then he/she is not entitled.

(iv) If the spouse is employed in Govt service then he/she can only be a member of any one Govt/Public sector medical benefits scheme and not a second one.

(v) If a war widow remarries then only she is eligible. Her husband, however, will NOT be eligible.

(vi) In case the ESM pensioner marries after retirement, following documents will be required as proof for dependency of wife: -

(aa) Marriage certificate from authorized Registrar of Marriage/Municipal Committee.

(ab) Application from will have to be submitted for enrolling the spouse as a dependant.

(c) Daughter(s)

(i)    Her/their details must exist in the service record of the pensioner.
(ii)   Unmarried and unemployed daughter must be dependant on the pensioner.
(iii)  Married and or employed daughter are NOT entitled.
(iv) Widowed daughter who are dependant on the pensioner and whose income from all sources is less than Rs.2550/- per Month are entitled.
(v) Daughter with permanent mental or physical disability, irrespective of age/medical condition. (vi) Divorced daughter are entitled, when solely dependent on the pensioner, and whose income from all sources is less than Rs.2550/- per month.

(d) Sons

(b) His/their details must be included in the pensioners record of Service.

(ii) Unemployed sons.

(iii) Sons suffering from permanent Physical or mental disability irrespective of age limit or medical condition.

Note: 1. In case where a child is born after the pensioner’s retirement, the following documents will be given with the application form.

(a) Birth Certificate
(b) Affidavit in lieu of part II order

2. Widows not having a part II order can give a affidavit in lieu.

(c) Special child Mentally handicapped children are permited to be a members of ECHS for life. Permanent disability should be certified by service classified specialist (Civil Sergon). There is restriction on the age onset of disability.

7. Pension. For the purposes of eligibility for the ECHS, the word “ Pension” implies any type of pension received from the government/Civil Services Estimate/Defence Service Estimate and paid by the Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension) or his subordinate offices.

8. Specific Conditions for Continuance of Eligibility. In case an ESM pensioner (male/female) has declared his/her parents as dependants, they shall continue to receive ECHS benefits for their lifetime, subject only to the condition that their joint income does not exceed Rs.2550/- Per Month from all sources. In the event of the pensioner’s death, the widow shall be covered as she will start drawing family pension – but, her parents will NOT become eligible as dependants. However, parents of the deceased pensioner, if already enrolled as dependants, would continuant enjoy benefits of the ECHS in the event of death of their ESM pensioner son/daughter, provided their joint income does not exceed Rs.2550/- per month.

9. Persons NOT Eligible under ECHS. The following are NOT eligible for becoming a member of ECHS: -

(a) Gorkha pensioners of Nepal domicile.
(b) Whole time NCC officers who do not meet the twin conditions referred to under para-4 Chapter 1.
(c) Ex-ECOs/SSCOs who do not meet twin condition referred to at para-4 Chapter 1.
(d) Legally divorced spouse.
(e) Married and/or employed daughters.
(f) Parents of widow/war widow.
(g) Husband of a remarried war widow.



10. Inception. The scheme was launched w.e.f.01 Apr 2003 vide GOI letter No.22 (I)/01/US/D (Res) dated 30 Dec 2002. Naturally an Ex Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme of this magnitude needed detailed planning and deliberation to ensure that it took off in an efficient and fool proof manner. A large number of procedures, including financial ones were required to be written out and approved by MOD. This was to enable the organization to commence sending ECHS members to empanelled diagnostic facilities, specialists and private hospitals. It must be remenderd that that ECHS is an entirely public funded scheme underwritten by the GOI/MOD and hence, all rules, regulations, procedures and administrative controls require mandatory approval of Ministry of Defence before the Scheme is made fully operational/functional. ECHS has to be fully established within five years, i.e, by 31 March 2008.

11. Time Frame for operationalisation of ECHS: Action to launch the Scheme commenced w.e.f. 01 Apr 2003 and will continue in a phased manner till it is fully effective in the next five Year, i.e. by Mar 2008. All the 227 Polyclinic have been made operationalised. Additional Polyclinics for phase II are being processed and will be finalized in 2008.


12. All Armed Forces new pensioners retiring on or April 2003 will be Compulsory members of ECHS, whereas those previous pensioners who retired on or before March 2003 can exercise their option to be become members of the Scheme till31 Mar 2008. Such Previous pensioners joining the Scheme will forfeit their medical allowance of Rs.100/- pm, presently admissible as part of pension. Non-ECHS members will continue to get medical allowance or minor treatment for garden diseases as at present, from existing MH/SMC (as entitled members only) subject to availability bed space, medicines, doctors etc. They cannot be treated at par with those ESM members; latter shall be given full range of treatment for all categories of diseases in MH and /or empanelled Hospitals /Diagnostic Center. Non-ECHS members also cannot avail treatment in ECHS polyclinics. No medical facilities in polyclinics or Armed Forces Hospitals for non ECHS Veterans after 01 Apr 2008. Last day for Registration of ECHS membership –31 Mar 2008.

13. It is stipulated by Government orders that one individual cannot become a member of two Govt/PSU scheme. He/She has to cancel membership of the other scheme, in case opting for the ECHS. If any facts are concealed, membership of this Scheme will be denied. This mainly applies to those pensioners who, after retirement, have joined some other Government Service/PUS

14 To acquire membership of ECHS, the ESM pensioner has to follow the undermentioned steps: -

(a) Collect Application Form.
(b) Payment of Contribution by MRO.
(c) Provision of Affidavit (sample given in Application Form)
(d) Fill up Application Form.
(e) Submission of completed Application Form and Collection of Receipt..
(f) Collection of ECHS Smart Card on intimation.

15. Collection of Application Forms. Application Form (For enrolment into ECHS) is an unnumbered, self-explanatory form which is provided at a cost of Rs 2/-. These forms are available at all Army Station HQs, all Navy/Air Force Station, and Rajya Sainik Board Offices. For those having access to the Internet they can also down load the Application from website www.indianarmy.nic.in arechs hm or www.infoundation.org or htpp://Indian air force.nic.in. The form consists of the following, which needs to be checked while collecting the same: -

(a) Application Form - 04 Pages
(b) Instructions & formats - 10 Pages

16. Contribution. All ESM pensioners are required to make a one-time contribution based on their basic monthly pension (excluding DA). A concession has been made in respect of pre-31 March 2003 retirees, who can pay their contribution in three consecutive, equal yearly instalments.

17. Affidavit. All ESM are required to make a declaration of their dependant children, and changes if any, through an Affidavit. Also they have to declare that they are NOT members of any other Govt/PUS Medical Scheme. Format of the Affidavit is given in the Application Form and is to be executed on anon-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10/- and attested by a Magistrate or public Notary. The Affidavit is a legal document and, in case of misuse of ECHS benefits, submission of fraudulent information, or any other misdemeanour, ECHS has the right to take legal action. Photographs of all dependants are required to be pasted on the original Affidavit, which is tobe submitted to Station HQ (Army) or it designated offices along with the completed Application Form.

18. Filling up Application Form. Detailed instructions are given in the Application From. Also, welfare Officers at all Air Force Stations, and similar pensioners in filing up the application forms. While filling, care must be taken that name(s) of dependants (s) tally with service document/records. All columns rejected. The form is required to be legible and filed in Black ink and in Capital letter only. Passport size photographs of the pensioner, spouse, children and dependant(s) – as the case may be – are to be affixed at appropriate boxes/places in the form.

19. Submission of Completed Application Form. Designated Station Headquarters (Army/Navy/Air Force) at specified locations are the only authorized collection points. Pensioners are required to personally report to their nearest Station HQs with the completed application from, along with original/photocopy of the following documents. Dependants are NOT required to accompany pensioners during this process: -

(a) Pension Payment Order (PPO) duly attested by Bank/Treasury from where pension is being drawn, or endorsed by CDA in original, and is shown to checking staff at the time of submission of Application Form. All the 1986 retirees are exempted from submission of PPO, but must submit a bankers certificarte as provide of pension.

(b) Discharge Book/Service Certificate.

(c) Three passport size photographs each of the pensioners, and dependants who are proposed to be enrolled as ECHS members/dependants, are to be attached. (Paste one copy of each photo on indicated places in the application form, and one copy each on the Affidavit and one on the receipt).

(d) Attach original copy of the Military Receivable Order (MRO) to the Application Forms as proof of deposit of contribution. This is not required to be done in case of direct deduction of contribution through PPO by CDA (Pension).

(a) Affidavit duly notarized in original

(b) Ex-Servicemen Identity Card Original to be shown for verification to the Station HQ, photocopy is NOT required to be submitted.

20. Receipt, scrutiny and verification of the form is a legal requirement to prevent fraudulent entry of non-entitled personnel. Nominated officers at collection points will collect the completed application form, compare originals with photocopies, verify all documents provided by the pensioners and then hand over the a Receipt to the ESM. Original PPO, Ex-Servicemen Identity Card and any other documents will be returned. Detailed vetting and verification shall be undertaken subsequently, which may take 15 days to two months, depending on the information to be sought. An ESM pensioner is only considered as a member once he/she is issued a valid ECHS membership Smart Card.

21. Collection of the Smart Card. The applicant will be intimated the date of collection by concerned Stn HQ, and is then required to produce original Receipt for documents in order to collect his/her Smart Card in person. ECHS Smart Card will NOT be dispatched by post or handed over to any representative of the Application. ESM shall be issued minimum one card for the whole family, and two Add-on-cards, if desired. This choice is to be included in the Application form.

22. Activaiton of Smart Cards - It is mandatory for members and dependants to report to nearest Polyclinic along with SMART Card within 120 days, for one-time initial Registration. The Smart Card will always be required to be produced there after to avail treatment at a polyclinic/empanelled hospital. ECHS Smart Card will NOT be activated for use, unless above Registration is done.

23. Procedure For Becoming Members of ECHS – (Retirees On or After 01 Apr 2003. New Application form (ECHS Med – 2003) has been introduced into service for all ranks retiring w.e.f. 01 Apr 2003 and for whom the Scheme is compulsory. The form have been provided to AG/PS-4 for inclusion in the Brochure issued to Restring officers; similar forms have also been provided to Naval and Air Headquarters for issue to their retiring personnel. Sample copies have also been sent to all Record Offices of the Army, through inspectorate of Records, to Commodore Bureau of Sailors (CABS) of Navy and to Air Force Record Office Delhi Cantt, for PBOR. All Service HQ’s will make their own arrangements for printing and issue of forms to retiring JCOs/OR and equivalent. The new forms have been now introduced w.e.f. 01 Jan 2004.

24. Record Offices will also forward these forms by post to those pensioners who have retired between 01 Apr 03 and 31 Dec 2003, and direct them to follow the procedure of submission given in General instructions. In addition, those retirees whose ECHS contribution amount has NOT been directly deducted by CDA (Pension) in their PPO will be required to deposit their contribution amount through MRO only, in any authorized bank. They will be required to attach original copy of MRO as a proof of remitting their contribution. In case this is not done, ECHS Membership is not valid.

25. Station–Wise Responsibility for Receipt and Scrutiny/Verification of ECHS Application Forms

(a) Navy
(i) Kochi (ii) Vishakhapatnam (iii) Cuttack (iv) Port Blair (v) Karwar (vi) Balasore (vii) Mumbai Upnagar

(b) Air Force (i) Bangalore (ii) Nagpur (iii) Coimbatore (iv) Kanpur (v) Jorhat (vi) Sirsa (vii) Gorakhpur (viii) Saharanpur (ix) Faridabad (x) Hindon

(c) Army. All other Military Station less those at Para14 (a) and (b) above. For the purposes of receipt and scrutiny of application forms, all Ex-Servicemen shall be treated at par. Any Ex-Servicemen reporting at any designated Military Station Headquarters, no matter which service he is from, his/her documents will be accepted and scrutinized.

29. Advantages of Becoming an ECHS Member. The advantages of becoming an ECHS member are as under: -

(a) The Scheme will provide comprehensive medicare to all ESM pensioners, their widows and authorized dependants, and is within easy reach.
(b) It will cover complete spectrum of ESM settled in far flung areas, through a network of polyclinics in Military and Non-Military Station.
(c) The scheme is fully financed by the Government.
(d) There will be a network of 227 polyclinics, i.e.104 Military and 123 Non Military Station polyclinics, based entirely on density of ESM in various regions. The number of polyclinics will increase in subsequent years.
(e) This arrangement will be reduce load on Service Hospital, as there will be an exclusive facility located along side service hospitals.
(f) There will be civil empanelled hospitals as there will be an exclusive facility located along side service hospitals.
(g) The doctors at polyclinics will provide required outpatient treatment and medicines, free of cost.
(h) For further treatment, an ECHS patient will be referred initially to a service hospital and, in case of non-availability of bedspace/treatment, he will then be sent to a civil empanelled hospital. The ECHS member will be provided treatment, medicines and ward facilities as per entitlement.
(j) The procedure for dealing with an ECHS member or his/her dependants in Service Hospitals will be the same as for serving soldiers and their dependants.
(k) The ECHS patient can also be referred to the desired empanelled hospital/diagnostic center/consultant as per choice of the ECHS patient in case of non-availability of treatment in service hospital. The ECHS member alone will have the right to make the selection of desired civil empanelled hospital and will NOT be influenced by any doctor.
(l) An ECHS member does not have to clear bills or make payment (except for dietary charges) either on admission or when discharged from the empanelled hospital. The empanelled hospitals will be paid directly by the concerned Station Headquarters ob behalf of ECHS.
(m) It covers all diseases.
(n) An ECHS member who possesses a valid Smart Card can avail of treatment at any ECHS polyclinic any where in India.
(o) There is not restriction on age or medical condition at the time of seeking membership of the scheme.

30. Contribution ECHS is a contributory scheme. On retirement, each pensioner (w.e.f. 01 Apr 2004) will compulsorily become members, either by paying a one-time contribution or in three consecutive yearly installments. Contribution will be according to the table given below.

Basic Uncommuted Pension (Excluding DA & Disability) Rate of one time Subscription
Up to RS. 3000/- Rs. 1,800/-
Rs. 3000/- to Rs 6000/- Rs. 4,800/-
Rs. 6001 to Rs 10000/- Rs. 8,400/-
Rs. 10001 to Rs 15000/- Rs. 12,000/-
Rs. 150001/- and above Rs. 18,000/-


(a) War Widows and War Disabled exepted from contribution
(b) All person 1996 retirees have been exempted from contribution.

31. Ex-Servicemen pensioners who make payment in three consecutive yearly installments will be issued an ECHS Membership smart Card with initial validity for one year only. The validity of the card for the second and third years would be extended only after the Ex-Servicemen pensioner has paid and given proof of deposit of second and third instalments. ECHS benefits will be extended to him/her and dependants only thereafter.

32. Eligible members of the Scheme can go to the nearest ECHS Polyclinic/AFC along with their SMART CARDS to avail treatment (till issue of Smart Cards Reciept may be utilized). AFV can also go to any polyclinic in the country and take medicine upto 7 days. In case any AFV takes a temporary attachement certificate (TAC) from his parent PC, he can be casuals medicines upto 30 days. TAC forms are available at all the polyclinics.

33. Doctors at Polyclinics will provide required outpatient treatment and medicines free of cost. In case a prescribed medicine is not available in the Polyclinic Pharmacy, the OIC Polyclinic or Medical Officer will procure this through Local Purchase (LP) and provide it to the member. ECHS members will NOT be required to purchase any medicine specified for him/her by an ECHS doctor/empanelled hospital. ECHS will NOT deal with any case of reimbursement for medicines purchased by a member/dependant, as this is not permissible under ECHS rules. In case any medicine is so purchased the cost will have to be borne by the member.

34. In case further treatment is required, the patient will be referred to the nearest Service Hospital if the treatment/bed availability exists there. At the Service Hospital, the ECHS member will be provided free treatment & medicines and ward facilities as per his entitlement, but will have to pay nominal hospital stoppages in cash, on being discharged from the hospital. The procedure for dealing with ECHS members or dependants will be the same as for serving Soldiers & their dependants.

35. In case treatment facility/bed space does not exist/is not available in a service hospital, the ECHS patient will be referred to the desired empanelled Hospital/Diagnostic Center/Consultant in the city/region as per choice of the pensioner. He/she alone will have the right to make the selection. A list of empanelled Hospitals/Diagnostic Centers and Consultants will be available in each Polyclinic for benefit of patients. In due course this information will also be provided on an ECHS website.

36. All that the patient is required to do is, to go to the selected Hospital/Diagnostic Centre, show his ECHS SMART CARD and referral form from the Polyclinic, and get treatment. Suitable Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will have been drawn up with empanelled Civil Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres and Consultants to provide treatment only to those pensioners who are referred to them from the Polyclinic, and provide proof of membership/SMART Card. ECHS members are NOT permitted to go directly to any empanelled Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres/Consultant (except in emergency – see provisions in this Brief).

37. The ESM/dependent does not have to clear bills or make payment (except for dietary charges) either on admission or when discharged from the Hospital/Diagnostic Centre/Consultant, provided the cost is as per rate contract concluded with the empanelled facility. These Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres/Consultants will be paid directly by the concerned Station Headquarters under whose jurisdiction the clinic falls. ECHS is responsible for such payments incurred on treatment of the entitled members – but only if the laid down procedure is followed. If a member/dependant goes directly to a Hospital/Diagnostic Centre/Consultant, without first having shown himself to a Polyclinic Doctor and having got referred, then ECHS will not be held responsible for costs incurred and will not make payment to the empanelled facility.

38. There will be no burden of payment (except hospital stoppages in Service Hospitals, and dietary charges in empanelled Civil Hospitals) on the ECHS member, either for medicines or for any treatment - whether out-patient or in-patient - so long as laid down procedures are adhered to, and rate contract concluded with the facility is not exceeded.


(a) Medicine issue upto 30 days (for chronic patients) permitted at OUT STATION Polyclinic also. Carry Temporary Attachement Certificates (TAC) from your parent polyclinic.
(b) Parent polyclinic can issue medicine upto 90 days for chronic ailements subject to certain conditions.
(c) For details – contact your ECHS Polyclinic.

Treatment in Emergency

39. In an emergency, the ECHS pensioner/eligible family members, may report to the nearest hospital (preferably empanelled) and inform the dependant Polyclinic/Station HQ/Regional Centre of the emergency within 48 hrs of admission. In case of admission to an empanelled hospital, the bills will be cleared by ECHS directly. However, in case of emergency admission to a non-empanelled hospital, the member will first clear the bills, and thereafter put up claim for re-imbursement to the dependant ECHS Polyclinic, duly supported with original bills. The bills will be reimbursed if ECHS is satisfied as to the reasons of emergency and the cost of treatment availed is reasonable. The onus of proving the emergency lies with the member and ECHS may, or may not, clear bills in entirety in the event of doubt/misuse of emergency provisions. Sanctioned for reimbursement will be given by Central Govt. ECHs as per approved Government rates only. 

Important Information

40. Some important information for pensioners/widows is summarised:-

(a) To become an ECHS Member an initial contribution as per laid down rates in mandatory. Thereafter, no payment is to be made for any medicines or treatment provided under the scheme.
(b) There is no restriction on the type of disease to be treated, or medicine to be provided, to an ECHS Member within the ECHS rules.
(c) An ECHS member can opt for a single ECHS Smart Card for him/herself and all dependants, or one for him/herself and a maximum of two add-on cards for his/her dependants. As the scheme stabilizes we may permit a separate card for each dependant.
(d) All cards will mandatorily carry fingerprints of the member and his/her entitled dependants.
(e) It is mandatory to produce the ECHS Smart Card for every visit to a Polyclinic. Without the Card, the computer at the Polyclinic will not activate the patients’ record/data, and member/dependant will be denied treatment, except in emergency. In case a card is lost, immediately inform the issuing Station HQ/Regional Centre.
(f) Referral to empanelled Civil Hospital / Diagnostic Centre/ Consultant, or Service Hospital, can only be made by Polyclinic Doctor(s). ECHS Members are NOT permitted to go directly to any of above.
(g) Patients who are referred by the Polyclinic doctor(s) to a Service Hospital or to an empanelled facility, must carry their membership Smart Card & the Polyclinics Referral Card. Without these they will NOT be entertained by the Service Hospital or the empanelled facility.
(h) No payment to be made by members for treatment (within rate contract concluded with Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres), or for medicines - that will be done by ECHS. (Hospital Stoppages/Dietary charges will be paid by the patient). Since members are not required to buy medicines or pay for treatment, requests for re-imbursement will not be entertained. Medicines so bought will be at own cost.
 (j) In an emergency, an ECHS patient may be rushed directly to the nearest Service hospital or to an empanelled hospital (if nearby). However, if empanelled hospital is not located nearby, or it is inconvenient due to the nature of emergency, the member may proceed to a non-empanelled hospital for treatment. He/she must, in any case, inform the dependant Polyclinic / Station HQs / Regional Centre, of the admission within 48 hours.
(k) An ECHS member who has a SMART Card can avail of treatment at an ECHS Polyclinic anywhere in India. He can also go to any empanelled Civil Hospital/Diagnostic Centre, provided he has an authorised Referral slip from an ECHS Polyclinic.
(l) Intercity transportation will invariably be at the members’ cost, except where he/she is moved on medical advice. Detailed policy will be issued in due course of time. For movement within town/city limits, ECHS ambulances may be used to convey very sick and immobile patients from an ECHS Polyclinic to the Civil Hospital/Diagnostic Centre at the discretion of OIC Polyclinic or the Polyclinic doctors.
(m) Service Hospitals are automatically empanelled under the ECHS. Therefore, free treatment/medicines will be provided to ECHS members/entitled dependants, subject to availability of bed space, treatment facility and qualified doctors. Nominal stoppages will have to be paid in cash, before discharge.
(n) First priority for treatment in Service Hospitals is reserved for serving personnel and their authorised dependants. Hence ECHS members may be denied admission in Service Hospitals, if bed space is NOT available. Also, certain types of treatment (Cancer, Heart, hip/knee replacements, Renal etc) are not available in all Service Hospitals – admission may be denied in those hospitals.
(o) Policy letter regarding redressal of grievances is available at Appendix ‘M’
(p) Policy letter regarding change of parent polyclinic (All India) is placed at Appx `N’.


S. No. Regional Centre Command Polyclinics Type Mil/Non Mil Telephone No.
1 Jammu NC Baramula D Mil 01952-238541
2 Jammu NC Leh D Mil 01982-254747
3 Jammu NC Udhampur C Mil 2899
4 Jammu NC Rajauri D Mil 01962-262694
5 Jammu NC Srinagar D Mil 0194-2468086
6 Jammu WC Pathankot D Mil 6415, 01862
7 Jammu WC Samba C Mil 2701
8 Jammu WC Bakloh D Mil 01899-257900
9 Jammu WC Jammu A Mil 0191-2435849
10 Jammu WC Junglot C Mil 2252
11 Jammu WC Yol A Mil 01892-235792
12 Jammu WC Mandi C Mil 01905-221710
13 Chandimandir WC Chandigarh B Non-Mil 0172-2747702
14 Chandimandir WC Chandimandir C Non-Mil 0172-2554133
15 Chandimandir WC Hamirpur B Mil 01972-223482
16 Chandimandir WC Bilaspur C Non-Mil 01978-223482
17 Chandimandir WC Una C Non-Mil 01975-228210
18 Chandimandir WC Solan D Non-Mil 01792-221917
19 Chandimandir WC Shimla C Mil 0177-2838704
20 Chandimandir WC Amritsar A Mil 2662
21 Chandimandir WC Ropar B Non-Mil 01881-223661
22 Chandimandir WC Fatehgarh C Non-Mil 01763-222377
23 Chandimandir WC Faridkot C Mil 2147
24 Chandimandir WC Firozpur C Mil 0163-241903
25 Chandimandir WC Moga C Mil 01636-237004
26 Chandimandir WC Gurudaspur A Mil 01874-247194
27 Chandimandir WC Joshiarpur A Non-Mil 01882-247250
28 Chandimandir WC Jalandhar A Mil 5597-0181
29 Chandimandir WC Kapurthala C Mil 01822-220052
30 Chandimandir WC Ludhina A Non-Mil 0161-2400692
31 Chandimandir WC Sangrur B Mil 01672-221225
32 Chandimandir Air Patiala B Mil 2696-0175
33 New Delhi Air Faridabad C Non-Mil 0129-4007670
34 New Delhi WC Ghaziabad D Mil 0120-2275393
35 New Delhi WC Karnal C Non-Mil 0184-2250455
36 New Delhi WC Ambala C Mil 0171-2630169
37 New Delhi WC Sonipat B Non-Mil 0130-2222911
38 New Delhi WC Panipat C Non-Mil 0180-2651511
39 New Delhi WC Yamunanagar C Non-Mil 01732-220002
40 New Delhi WC Kaithal D Non-Mil 01744-230347
41 New Delhi WC Kurukshetra D Non-Mil 25684685
42 New Delhi WC Delhi Cantt A Mil 01746-234175
43 New Delhi WC Gurgaon A Non-Mil 2341062
44 New Delhi WC NOIDA A Non-Mil 95120-2433411
45 New Delhi WC New Delhi A Non-Mil 011-25363230
46 Jaipur SWC Bikaner D Mil 6920 & 6883
47 Jaipur SWC Bhatinda C Mil 0164-2291147
48 Jaipur SWC Mansa D Non-Mil 01652-230901
49 Jaipur SWC Muktsar C Non-Mil 01633-241116
50 Jaipur SWC Sriganganagar D Mil 6044-0154
51 Jaipur SWC Alwar B Mil 2518-0144
52 Jaipur SWC Bharatpur C Mil 05644-236036
53 Jaipur SWC Jhunjhunu A Non-Mil 01592-237199
54 Jaipur SWC Jaipur B Mil 6505-0141
55 Jaipur SWC Sikar B Non-Mil 01572-270960
56 Jaipur SWC Churu C Non Mil 0156-252215
57 Jaipur SWC Nagaur C Non Mil 01582-241149
58 Jaipur SWC Kota D Mil 6537 (Mil) 0744
59 Jaipur SWC Hindaun City D Non Mil Not yet installed
60 Jaipur Air Sirsa D Mil 01666-227620
61 Jaipur SWC Jhajjar B Non Mil 01251-257171
62 Jaipur SWC Rewari B Non Mil 01274-252308
63 Jaipur SWC Rohtak B Non Mil 01262-279987
64 Jaipur SWC Jind C Non Mil 01681-256026
65 Jaipur SWC Narnaul B Non Mil 01282-256635
66 Jaipur SWC Bhiwani A Non Mil 01664-255112
67 Jaipur SWC Hissar B Mil 2946 (Mil)
68 Jaipur SWC Fatehabad D Non Mil 01667-226622
69 Jaipur Air Kanpur C Mil 0512-2380186
70 Jaipur CC Agra C Mil 0562-2227688
71 Jaipur CC Etawah C Non Mil 9259058171
72 Jaipur CC Mainpuri C Non Mil 9927063276
73 Jaipur CC Firozabad D Non Mil Not yet installed
74 Jaipur CC Etah D Non Mil Not yet installed
75 Jaipur CC Bulndshahr B Non Mil 05732-223939
76 Jaipur CC Bareilly C Mil 0581-2421031
77 Jaipur CC Badaun D Non Mil 05832-221528
78 Jaipur CC Dehradun A Mil 0135-2706560
79 Jaipur CC Fatehgarh C Mil 05692-234553
80 Jaipur CC Gopeshwar B Non Mil 01389-222242
81 Jaipur CC Akbarpur Matti D Non Mil 955111291756.00
82 Jaipur CC Kotdwara B Mil 01386-262510
83 Jaipur CC Pauri Garhwal C Non Mil 01368-221775
84 Jaipur CC Lucknow C Mil 0522-2482885
85 Jaipur CC Rae Bareilly D Non Mil 0535-2204732
86 Jaipur CC Mathura D Mil 0565-2896367
87 Jaipur CC Aligarh D Non Mil 9412419919
88 Jaipur CC Meerut B Mil 0121-2401513
89 Jaipur CC Muzaffarnagar D Non Mil 0131-2620793
90 Jaipur CC Haldwani B Mil 2407 (O)
91 Jaipur CC Pithoragarh A Mil 05964-266311
92 Jaipur CC Roorkee D Mil 01332-275266
93 Jaipur CC Almora B Non Mil 05962-230513
94 Jaipur Air Saharanpur D Mil 01331-245255
95 Jaipur CC Shahjahanpur D Mil 05842-223631
96 Jaipur Air Gorakhpur D Mil 0551-2272821
97 Jaipur CC Allahabad D Mil 0532-2421704
98 Jaipur CC Fatehpur D Non Mil 9838908348
99 Jaipur CC Pratapgarh D Non Mil 9839030235
100 Jaipur CC Azamgarh D Non Mil 9336386991
101 Jaipur CC Sultanpur C Non Mil 05362-228904
102 Jaipur CC Faizabad D Mil 6541 (Mil)
103 Jaipur CC Jabalpur D Mil 6196 (Mil) 0761
104 Jaipur CC Raipur D Non Mil 0771-2213279
105 Jaipur CC Rewa D Non Mil 07662-253484
106 Jaipur CC Deoria C Non Mil 955568-221198
107 Jaipur CC Mhow D Mil 6248 (Mil)
108 Jaipur CC Ghazipur B Non Mil 95548-2220946
109 Jaipur CC Varanasi D Mil 0542-2504055
110 Jaipur CC Balia C Non Mil 05498-241989
111 Jaipur CC Ara B Non Mil 06182-238305
112 Jaipur CC Muzaffarpur C Non Mil 0621-2211143
113 Jaipur CC Danapur (Patna) C Mil 06115-222033
114 Patna CC Chhapra C Non Mil 06152-234556
115 Patna CC Dharbanga D Non Mil 06272-222709
116 Patna CC Gaya D Mil 0631-2210259
117 Patna Navy Behrampur D Non Mil 0680-2296307
118 Patna Navy Bhupneswar C Non Mil 0674-2360274
119 Patna Navy Baiasore D Mil 06782-257200
120 Patna CC Ranchi C Mil 0651-2261370
121 Patna CC Jamshedpur D Non Mil 06572-233877
122 Kolkata EC Barrackpore C Mil 3059/ 25943073
123 Kolkata EC Bengodubi D Mil 6504, 0353
124 Kolkata EC Darjeeling C Mil 0354-2259420
125 Kolkata EC Gangtok D Mil 6504
126 Kolkata EC Krishnanagar C Non Mil 03472-225466
127 Kolkata EC Kolkota D Mil 6322, 033
128 Kolkata EC Salt Lake D Mil 033-23572657
129 Kolkata EC Midnapur D Non Mil 03222-265548
130 Guwahati Air Burdwan D Non Mil 3810, 0343
131 Guwahati EC Jorhat D Non Mil 0376-2500324
132 Guwahati EC Agartala D Mil 0381-2997530
133 Guwahati EC Aizwal D Mil 0389-2351143
134 Guwahati EC Guwahati D Non Mil 0364-2306644
135 Guwahati EC Dimapur D Mil 6414(Mil)
136 Guwahati EC Imphal D Mil 0385-2429405
137 Guwahati EC Masimpur D Non Mil 03842-278244
138 Guwahati EC Shillong D Mil 0364-2226789
139 Pune EC Kohima D Non Mil 03702-233041
140 Pune EC Ajmer D Mil 0154-2633539
141 Pune SC Barmer (Jalipa) Mil 02982-224095
142 Pune SC Jaisalmer Mil 02992-255002
143 Pune SC Jorhat Mil 0291-2515997
144 Pune SC Pali D Non Mil 02932-223992
145 Pune SC Udaipur D Mil 0294-2512931
146 Pune Air Nagpur C Mil 0712-2510899
147 Pune SC Ahmedabad C Mil 079-22850004
148 Pune SC Sholapur C Non Mil 0217-2724727
149 Pune SC Ahmednagar C Mil 0241-2323962
150 Pune SC Osmanabad D Non Mil 02472-223564
151 Pune SC Latur D Non Mil 02382-227575
152 Pune SC Aurangabad D Mil 0240-2373105
153 Pune SC Bhopal D Mil 0755-3959922
154 Pune SC Buldana D Non Mil 07262-247980
155 Pune SC Jalgaon D Non Mil 0259-2260167
156 Pune SC Devlali D Mil 0253-2495286
157 Pune SC Bhind D Non Mil 07534-236864
158 Pune SC Gwalior D Mil 0751-2352018
159 Pune SC Morena D Non Mil 07532-227509
160 Pune Navy Mumbai (Navy) B Mil 022-22163632
161 Pune Navy Mumbai D Mil 022-25782144
162 Pune SC Jamnagar D Mil 0288-2663694
163 Pune SC Jhansi D Mil 6224-2211
164 Pune SC Orai D Non Mil 05162-259218
165 Pune SC Satara C Non Mil 02162-237287
166 Pune SC Kolhapur B Non Mil 0231-2606773
167 Pune SC Miraj(Sangli) B Non Mil 952332-229252
168 Pune SC Chiplun C Non Mil 9421100236
169 Pune SC Sindudurg C Non Mil 02362-228073
170 Pune SC Thane(Nerul) C Non Mil 9322739478
171 Pune SC Mahad D Non Mil 9822404130
172 Pune SC Panaji D Mil 0832-2420289
173. Pune SC Akola D Non Mil 0724-2455244
174. Pune SC Amravati D Non Mil 0721-2664607
175. Pune SC Pune B Mil 020-28823265
176. Pune SC Saugor D Mil 07582-240554
177. Pune SC Vadodra D Mil 0265-2781762
178. Chennai SC Vellore A Non Mil 0416-2211650
179. Chennai SC Chennai B Mil 044-22314274
180. Chennai SC Avadi C Mil 044-26840270
181. Chennai SC Kanchipuram C Non Mil 044-27290251
182. Chennai SC Cuddalore D Non Mil 04142-294747
183. Chennai SC Villupuram D Non Mil 04146-226015
184. Chennai Air Coimbatore C Mil 0422-2220233
185. Chennai SC Krishnagiri C Non Mil 04343-291110
186. Chennai SC Salem C Non Mil 0427-2414707
187. Chennai Navy Port Blair D Mil 03192-232012
188. Chennai SC Srivilliputtur C Non Mil 04563-263534
189. Chennai SC Dindigul D Non Mil 05451-2460341
190. Chennai SC Madurai C Non Mil 0452-2640410
191. Chennai SC Tiruchirapalli C Non Mil 0431-2459945
192. Chennai SC Nagapattinam D Non Mil 04365-220907
193. Chennai SC Tanjavur D Non Mil 04365-275340
194. Chennai SC Theni D Non Mil 04546-265405
195. Chennai SC Tirunalveli C Non Mil 0462-2584864
196. Chennai SC Nagarcoil D Non Mil 04652-223050
197. Chennai SC Tuticorin D Non Mil 0461-2390317
198. Chennai SC Wellington D Mil 0423-2200801
199. Chennai SC Thriuvannamalai C Non Mil 04175-221163
200. Hyderabad Air Bangalore A Mil 080-25578902
201. Hyderabad Air Yelhanka D Mil 080-28478088
202. Hyderabad SC Madekeri C Non Mil 08272229406
203. Hyderabad SC Mangalore D Non Mil 2417549
204. Hyderabad Air Mysore D Non Mil 08212412678
205. Hyderabad SC Belgaum B Mil 9342530388
206. Hyderabad SC Bijapur D Non Mil 08352262383
207. Hyderabad SC Dharwad D Non Mil 08362463102
208 Hyderabad Navy Vishakhapattnam C Mil 0891-2746213
209 Hyderabad Navy Karwar D Mil 08382-263613
210 Hyderabad SC Guntur C Non Mil 08362266139
211 Hyderabad SC Secunderabad B Mil 04027795837
212 Hyderabad SC Chittur C Non Mil 8572234578
213. Hyderabad SC Giddalur C Non Mil 08405241700
214. Hyderabad SC Golconda C Mil 23512196
215. Hyderabad SC Kakinada D Non Mil 0884-2372477
216. Hyderabad SC Vijayawada D Non Mil 0866-2540147
217. Kochi SC Palakkad B Non Mil 0491-2572023
218. Kochi Navy Kochi B Mil 0484-2666664
219. Kochi SC Kannur B Mil 0497-2711429
220. Kochi SC Kozikode C Non Mil 0495-2384437
221. Kochi SC Perintalmanna C Non Mil 04933-224980
222. Kochi SC Alleppy D Non Mil 0477-3200111
223 Kochi SC Trissur B Non Mil 0487-2422831
224. Kochi SC Kottyam C Non Mil 0481-2577271
225. Kochi SC Trivandrum A Mil 0471-2358950
226. Kochi SC Tathanamthitta B Non Mil 0468-2271441
227. Kochi SC Quillon B Non Mil 0474-2767178


Regional Centre ECHS Tele No Remarks
RC Jammu 0191- 2433139
RC Chandimandir 0172- 2589757
RC Delhi Cantt 011- 23336936
RC Jaipur 0141- 2249159
RC Lucknow 0522- 2292446
RC Jabalpur 0761- 2608177
RC Pune 020- 26102318
RC Patna 06115- 276270
RC Hyderabad 040- 27797932
RC Chennai 044- 25316714
RC Kochi 0484- 2667285
RC Kolkata 033- 22318988
RC Guwahati 0361- 2642727
Nodal Officer : Mrs.Madhu Raghuvanshi (RAS), Dy. Director, Office : 0141-2227897, Mobile : 09829389189
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