मुख्य पृष्ठ
क्या है राज सैनिक
विभागीय सूचनाएं
योजनायें एक नजर में
फॉर्म्स डाउनलोड
सैनिक विश्रामगृह
ईसीएचएस पॉलीक्लिनिक
केंटीन सुविधा
टेलीफोन निर्देशिका
सैनिकों का कौना

विभाग से सम्बन्धित अन्य वेबसाइट
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जिला सैनिक कल्याण अधिकारी के पद हेतु विज्ञापन एवं आवेदन प्रपत्र

युद्ध विधवा छात्रावास में प्रवेश हेतु आवेदन पत्र एवं शपथ पत्र

सूचना का अधिकार प्रपत्र


1.  Benefits to Ex-Servicemen (Superannuated /Boarded Out) :  

S.No. Description Amount Entitled Processed by
(a) Service Pension As per rules CDA (P), Allahabad
(b) Commutation of Pension 45% of Basic Pension CDA (P), Allahabad
(c) Retirement Gratuity Length of service CDA (P), Allahabad
(d) Final Settlement of Accounts   PAO/CDA (O)
(e) AFPP/DSOP Fund As per contribution PAO/CDA (O)
(f) Leave Encashment As applicable PAO/CDA (O)
(g) Army Group Insurance Maturity As per contribution AGI Dte
(h) Extended Insurance upto age of 75 years AGI Dte
(i) Medical care under Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) for life to soldier, Spouse, dependent parents and un-employed children upto the age of 25 years Stn HQ

2. Benefits : Disabled Soldiers Invalided/Boarded Out of Service : In addition to benefits mentioned at Para 1 above, following benefits are applicable for disabled soldiers invalided/boarded out of service:

S.No. Description Amount Entitled Processed by
(a)  Ex-Gratia
(i) National Defence Fund for OP Vijay (Kargil) only
(aa) More than 75% disability Rs 6.00 lacs AG’s Br
(R&W Sec)
(ab) More than 50% upto 75% disability Rs 4.50 lacs
(ac) Less or upto 50% disability Rs 3.00 lacs
(Auth : Army HQ letter No B/46981/NDF/AG/CW-7 dt 03 Sep 99)
(ii) Disabled soldiers (BC)of all operations wef 01 May 99 "Excluding OP VIJAY (K)” invalided/boarded out/ prematurely released from service in low med category One time grant of Rs 1.00 lac AG’s Br
(R&W Sec)
(Auth : Army HQ letter No B/46897/AG/ACWF(K) dt 27 Oct 99)
(b) Service Pension with Disability Element Depending on percentage of disability  CDA (P), Allahabad
(c) Army Group Insurance (AGI) Depends upon disability percentage but not less than 20 % AGI Dte
(d) AGI Maturity  As per contribution  AGI Dte
(e) Education Scholarship Re-imbursement of tuition fee, hostel charges,transport charges, books upto Rs 250/-, cost of uniform and clothing upto Rs 250/- AG/CW-3
(Auth : Govt of India, Min of Def letter No 9(i)703/Edn Concession/D (Res) dated 06 Aug 2003)

3. Benefits NOKs : Battle Casualties (Fatal) In addition to benefits as enumerated above following benefits are applicable to NOKs of Battle Casualties (fatal): -

S.No. Description Amount Entitled Processed by
(a)    Ex-Gratia
S.No. Ex-Gratia (Central) Officers PBOR CDA (P), Allahabad
(i) 15 Aug 47 to 19 Aug 93 * Nil Nil
(ii) 20 Aug 93 to 30 Apr 95 * Rs 1.00 lac Rs 1.00 lac
(iii) 01 May 95 to 31 Jul 97 * Rs 2.00 lac Rs 2.00 lac
(iv) 01 Aug 97 to onwards * (All Operations other than OP VIJAY(Kargil) Rs 7.50 lac Rs 7.50 lac
(Death due to Enemy/ANE action)
Rs 5.00 lac Rs 5.00 lac
(Death attributed to Mil Service)
(v) 01 May 99 – 31 Oct 99
(OP VIJAY (Kargil) only)
Rs 10.00 lac Rs 10.00 lac
(Auth : Govt of India letter No 20(1)/98/D(Pay-Services) dt 15 Oct 1999)
(vi) National Defence Fund Rs 5.00 lacs (Dwelling Unit) Rs 2.00 lacs (Parent Assistance) Rs 2.00 lacs (Children Education Assistance) AG’s Br
(R & W) sec
*All BC’s from 15 Aug 47 upto 30 Apr 99 have been given Rs 1.00 lac from NDF(BC) /ACWF    
(b) Death Gratuity Length of service CDA (P), Allahabad
(c) Liberalised Family Pension Last pay drawn CDA (P), Allahabad
(d) Army Group Insurance Rs 10.00 lacs for Offrs
Rs 5.00 lacs for PBOR (From 01 Sep 03)
(e) AWWA Rs 5000/- Central AWWA Association (Married soldiers only)
(f) Army Offrs Benevolent Rs 50,000/- AG’s Br (CW-8)(Officers Only)
(g) Army Central Welfare Fund Rs 30,000/- AG’s Br (R&W Sec)
  (Auth – Army HQ letter No B/45401/AG/R&W dt 29 Mar 2001)
(h) Other Concessions: -
  (i) Govt married accommodation for 2 years at Govt rates which is extendable to 3 years in exceptional cases (Auth – Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 13(40)/97/D (Q&C) dated 16 Aug 99).
(ii) Reservation of seats in professional institutes.
(iii) Housing 3% reservation by AWHO.

4. Benefits NOK : Physical Casualties :

(a) Terminal Benefits When Death is Attributable to Military Service. In addition the benefits as applicable to the ex-servicemen on normal discharge from service shown at Para 3 above, the following benefits for ‘Physical Casualties’ when death is attributable to Military Service are provided, are as under:-

(i) Ex –gratia of Rs 5.00 lac by Central Govt only in event of death in field areas (Auth : Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 20(I)/98/D(Pay/Services) dt 22 Sep 1998).

(ii) Death cum retirement gratuity based on length of service.

(iii) Special family pension (60% of last pay drawn by the deceased).

(iv) Ex-gratia grant of Rs 30,000/- to NOK of deceased soldiers from ACWF(Auth – Army HQ letter No B/45401/AG/R&W dt 29 Mar 2001).

(v) Govt married accommodation for 2 years which is extendable to 3 years in exceptional cases.

(b) Terminal Benefits when Death is Not Attributable to Military Service. Benefits provided to Physical Casualties when death is not attributable to Military Service are as under :-

(i) Benefits as mentioned at Para 3 (a) to (d), (f),(g) and Para 6(a) (ii), (iv) to (ix).

(ii)Ordinary family pension as per rules.

5. Eligibility of Soldiers/NOK of Soldiers Boarded Out due to Injury Sustained between 15 Aug 1947 to 30 Apr 1999 for Grant Out of Army Central Welfare Fund (ACWF) :  Soldiers who were boarded out of service due to injury sustained during various military operations between 15 Aug 1947 to 30 Apr 1999 are eligible for one time grant of Rs. One lakh each from the Army Central Welfare Fund. In case the soldier is not alive, the grant will be paid to the nominated NOK of the deceased disabled soldier. The grant will not be payable to other legal heirs/family members.

6. Payment of One Time Grant Out of ACWF to Disabled Soldiers Invalided/ Boarded Out of Service in Low Medical Category without Completing their Terms of Engagement due to Injuries Sustained in Military Operations w.e.f. 01 May 1999 : The disabled soldiers (Battle Casualties) who were either boarded/invalided out of service in low medical category without completing their terms of engagement due to injuries sustained in various military operations wef 01 May 1999 (other than OP VIJAY KARGIL) will be eligible for a one time grant of Rs. One lakh out of ACWF. Those soldiers boarded/invalided out who have already received a grant of ACWF based on their disability percentage will receive a grant equal to the difference between Rs. One lakh and the grant already paid to them.

7. The disabled soldiers (Battle Casualties) who sustained injuries in various Military Operations after 01 May 1999 and are retained in service will continue to get a grant out of ACWF based on their disability percentage, as per the existing policy.

8. Ex-Gratia Compensation to the Soldiers Invalided Out of Service due to Battle Injury in Op Vijay (Kargil) : Ex-Gratia amount for the soldiers, who are invalided/boarded out of service due to battle injury without completing terms and condition of service and not on own request, will be paid following ex-gratia amount based on percentage of disability :-

S.No. Percentage of Disability Amount of Ex-Gratia
(a) 50% or less Rs. 3 lakhs
(b) 75% or less out but more than 50% Rs. 4.5 lakhs
(c) More than 75% Rs. 6 lakhs

9. Payment of One Time Grant Out of ACWF to NOK of All Personnel who Die in Harness after 01 Apr 2001 : Payment of One Time Grant Out of ACWF to NOK of All Personnel who Die in Harness after 01 Apr 2001 NOK of all personnel who die in harness after 01 Apr 2001 will be paid a one time grant of Rs.30000/- from ACWF.

10. Army Welfare Corpuses : Under mentioned Corpuses have been opened by industrial houses to provide financial assistance to war widows, disabled boarded out soldiers and their dependents. Various corpuses which provide financial assistance such as education scholarship, mobility equipment, self employment, daughter’s marriage and medical treatment are:-(a) Indian Express (Madurai) Limited.
(b) Hindustan Lever Limited.
(c) Confederation of Indian Industries.
(d) National Dairy Development Board.
(e) New Delhi Television Limited.
(f) Gem & Jewellery National Relief Foundation.
(g) Rotary Club of Delhi South Suburban.
(h) India Development And Relief Fund.
(j) Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.
(k) Pepsico.
(l) The Times of India.
(m) Coca- Cola.
(n) Shri SK Bali Memorial Corpus.
(o) FICCI Shradhanjali Jawan Trust.
(p) Tata Group.

11. Various Schemes – Corpuses. Details of various schemes for which financial assistance is available are as under: -

S. No. Scheme Applicable to Documents (attested copies only)
(a) Education Scholarship Children of Soldiers who died in harness from Class I onwards Mark sheet of last class passed,Certificate from Principal wherecurrently studying. Receipt of tuitionfees deposited in original
(b) Mobility Eqpt Disabled soldiers Quotations & Medical Documents
(c) Self Employ-ment War Widows & Boarded out War Disabled soldiers Project Report, Undertaking Certificate for utilisation of fund within one year.
(d) Daughter’s Marriage Widows, Boarded out Disabled Soldiers and Ex-servicemen Date/Place of marriage, Certificate by Gram Panchayat, Wedding Card & family particulars
(e) Medical Treatment Widows, Boarded out Disabled Soldiers and Ex-servicemen Assistance from AGI/KSB. Medical case sheet, Bills/estimate of Hospital.

12. Details of Corpus Fund Utilisation (Ex-Servicemen).

Details BC/PC (In Rupees) Others (In Rupees) Remarks
 • Artificial Limb
 • Below Knee (each limb) 50000 50000  
 • Above Knee (each limb) 100000 100000  
 • Mod Auto Scooter 50000 50000  
 • Wheel Chair 50000 50000  
 • Self Training 20000 - Only BC
 • Self Employment 50000 - Only BC
 • Penury 20000 20000  
 • Marriage 30000 30000  
 • Medical Treatment 30000 30000  

 • Agro Based Ventures

25000 - Only BC

13. Education

Sl No Details PC (Rupees) per annum Servicemen (Rupees) per annum Remarks
1 Class I to V 5000 600 SAO 2/S/2003
2 Class VI to XII 5000 800/5000 From Coca-Cola for Class X to XII  
3 Graduation 10000 1500  
4 Post Graduation 15000 2600  
5 Professional Tuition fee + 5000 (Max 40000) 10000  

14. ESM/Pensioners are presently not authorised treatment in MH as a right, they are only entitled i.e. subject to availability of bed space, doctors and medicines. By joining the ECHS scheme, they become authorised category. The only difference is that his/her initial out patient handling/treatment will be by the ECHS polyclinic rather then the staff surgeon at MH. In case the ESM requires further reference/treatment, it can be provided to him in the nearest MH or can be referred to an empanelled civil hospital of the patient’s choice. ECHS treatment philosophy is out patient treatment by polyclinics and in-patient treatment by MH (subject to availability) and from empanelled hospital in the station.

15. Award of Educational Scholarship to children of Armed Forces personnel of Nepal serving in the Armed Forces of India and killed/declared missing/permanently disabled in action – studying in various educational institutes in Nepal :  Educational concession to the children of Armed Forces personnel killed/declared missing/permanently disabled in 1962, 65, 71 wars, OP PAWAN, OP Meghdoot, all post MEGHDOOT operations including Counter Insurgency Operations in both India and abroad was extended recently, and the same will also now be applicable to the children of above category of personnel of Nepal serving in the Armed Forces of India. Children studying in various educational institutes in Nepal, which are recognized by the Govt of Nepal will be deemed as recognized by the Govt of India.

(Authority: Govt of India letter No.B/44601/Nepal/Edn Concession/D (Res) dt 26 Feb 2004) 

16. Exemption from paying Toll Tax :   Members of regular Defence Forces, whether on or off duty are exempted from paying toll tax. A complaint in this regard was filed before Punjab Human Rights Commission at Chandigarh that under Indian Tolls (Army and Air Force) Act, 1901, serving Defence personnel cannot be charged toll tax whether he is on duty or not. The complaint was referred to Ministry of Law & Justice, which indicated that Indian Toll (Army and Air Force) Act, 1901 is a special Act which overrides general Acts such as National Highways Acts, 1956 and all Govt as well as private vehicles of the Officers, Soldiers and Airman of regular Defence Forces are exempted from paying toll tax irrespective of whether they are on duty or not.

(Authority : Ministry of Road Transport & Highway letter No. NH-12037/278/2003/ PB/NIH-1 dated 12 Nov 2003)

17. Addresses and telephone numbers of various Welfare Agencies :
      Contact information of various Welfare Agencies is given as under.

Deputy Director General (Welfare)
279A, South Block, Army HQ, DHQ PO
New Delhi – 110011
Telephone : 2301-8112 Tele Fax : 2379-2382

Rehabilitation & Welfare Section
153 Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg, Army HQ DHQ PO
New Delhi – 110011
Director : 23794985 Telephone 2301-8338 Fax : 2379-4377
E-mail : randwsection@sify.com

Director MP5
87, Second Floor, Wing VII, West Block 3
RK Puram, New Delhi – 1100s66
Telephone : 2337-5475, 2619-5662 Fax : 2610-6329

Army Group Insurance
AGI Bhawan, Rao Tula Ram Marg, New Delhi – 110057
Col Coord: 2614-2369, Director Claims: 2614-5709
Exchange: 2614-2749, 2615-1031
Assistant Director Claims: 2614-2897, Fax: 2614-8471

CDA (P) Allahabad
Telephone: (0532)-2622618, 2622698, 2622699
Fax (0532)-2621549

Quarter Master General’s Branch
(Retention of government accommodation)
438, ‘B’ Wing, Sena Bhavan, Army HQ, DHQ PO
New Delhi – 110011 (Telephone: 2337-5237, 2337-5238)

Army Officers Benevolent Fund
279A, South Block, Army HQ, DHQ PO, New Delhi Tele
Fax: 2379-2382

Army Wives Welfare Association
210, South Block, Army HQ, DHQ PO, New Delhi – 110 001
Telephone: 2301-8183 Fax: 2301-8183

Army Welfare Education Society
153 Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg
New Delhi – 110011
Director: 2301-8702 Tele Fax: 2301-8363, 2337-2938
E-mail: cw9@rediffmail.com

Army Placement Agency
West Block III, RK Puram, New Delhi
Telephone: 26186075, 26100241

Nodal Officer : Mrs.Madhu Raghuvanshi (RAS), Dy. Director, Office : 0141-2227897, Mobile : 09829389189
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